About Jambonews

Jambonews is the information website launched by the Jambo organisation the 1st October 2010.

The purpose of this site is to inform our readers on current events affecting the Great Lakes of Africa in general and Rwanda in particular.

Each day, a whole series of articles will be posted on the site with a short introductory summary of the article written by us.. - Stay Infomed...

The goal of Jambonews in to inform

Several times a week, the editorial team publishing articles commenting on the news or analyzing recurrent problems affecting the African Great Lakes.

Our entry information will be supplemented by interviews of actors or witnesses to the forefront..

Jambonews also wants to be a forum for discussion, while respecting the ideas of each player on all matters concerning the Great Lakes region and without any taboos.

To this end we invite you to post your comments in our articles or to participate actively in discussions on our forums.

The ultimate goal of Jambonews through information and analysis of issues affecting our country is at reaching possible solutions that can get us out of the chaos that affects our region and create the conditions for the emergence of state law in which the fundamental rights of every individual will prevail.

Jambonews also wants to be a site for chilling and for this purpose, gradually topics sports, celebrities or “interesting stories” will be created on the site.

We hope you enjoy reading us and we will meet your expectations.

Being in constant search for improvement, we are open to all comments or suggestions that help us improve our way of working.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us by sending us an e-mail on

Your interest is our motivation”

The Jambonews Team

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