Rwanda: “Kagame assassinated Kabila”, Rudasingwa

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The Rwandan President Paul Kagame was “the instigator of the assassination against Laurent Desire Kabila, the Congolese former president.” This was announced on Saturday, March 31, 2012 by Theogene Rudasingwa, the former chief of staff of Paul Kagame, during a joint town hall meeting of political parties FDU-Inkingi and RNC in Brussels. Although the hypothesis of the involvement of the strongman of Rwanda in the assassination against Kabila has never been ruled out by the people who led investigations into this murder, such accusations from Kagame’s former close collaborator are unprecedented.

Rudasingwa at joint conference by FDU-RNC on March 31, 2012

Rudasingwa at joint conference by FDU-RNC on March 31, 2012

Even though the mysteries still surround the assassination of Laurent Desire Kabila 11 years later, suspicions continue to point toward the RPF regime currently in power in Rwanda. Today, it is Rudasingwa, the former right hand of Paul Kagame, who steps into the breach, by accusing his former boss of being behind the attack against Kabila on December 16th, 2001. Theogene Rudasingwa was, for several years after the RPF took power, the closest adviser of Paul Kagame. He made the headlines in October 2011 by accusing his former boss of ordering the attack against the plane of his predecessor, Juvenal Habyarimana.

It was during that joint town hall meeting that Rudasingwa once again returned to the charges by revealing the information he had never previously revealed about his former mentor: “I’m saying It; It is today that I say it clearly; it’s Paul Kagame who assassinated the Congolese President, Laurent Desire Kabila;  Kagame is the murderer of the Congolese President Kabila. No president in office today worldwide, throughout Africa or elsewhere is known for criminal acts that are comparable to those of Paul Kagame; yet he sometimes dresses up, takes a plane and wherever he goes a red carpet is displayed in his honor and in meetings he is applauded. This is something that the Rwandan people should refuse; the 11 million Rwandan people are not condemned to be led by a criminal (…)”. (1)

Laurent Désiré Kabila

Laurent Désiré Kabila

Even though Rudasingwa is the first among the former close collaborators of Paul Kagame to clearly accuse him of having assassinated President Laurent Desire Kabila, several suspicions have always weighed on the Rwandan dictator. For instance, Gerard Gahima, the former Prosecutor General of Rwanda and a member of the founding core of the RPF, currently turned dissident of Kigali, without accusing Kagame of being the perpetrator of the attack, was the first to emphasize that the strongman of Rwanda wanted at any price to get rid of Kabila, a President he had put in power a year earlier.

Marlene Rabaud and Arnaud Zajtman, two Belgian journalists, conducted a thorough investigation into the murder of President Kabila. They released a documentary called “Murder in Kinshasa. Who killed Kabila?” In their documentary, three hypotheses about the crime have emerged (plot from the CIA or Rwanda, revenge by dissident leaders dismissed from a rebellion which brought Kabila to power or revenge from disgruntled child soldiers). They clearly show how the track incriminating the Kigali regime seems most likely.

The conclusions of other independent investigators, including, Manuel Altzano and Charles Onana also go in this direction.

Jean Mitari

Translation by Amani Tuyishime

1) Statement from the 14th minute in the video



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10 Comments to “Rwanda: “Kagame assassinated Kabila”, Rudasingwa”

  1. Twine Martin says:

    No wonder, this is Rudasingwa. H e likes cutting the tree on which he is sitted! he calls doom for himself


  2. Sam Ndazaano says:

    Note that despite being a close adviser he does not tell you HOW. It is like saying all Jews killed Jesus! Someone like him should be able to point a credible and verifiable finger. More credible than the great spyfiction/whodunnit that was “Murder in kinshasa”.


  3. Margaret S. Maringa says:

    Even if your brother turns out to be the village madman — the rule of thumb is very clear — you do NOT throw accusations or stones in his direction. Especially when he is not there or not lucid enough to respond.

    My admiration/respect for Theogene Rudasingwa (as a man of personal and professional integrity) has gone all the way down to zero — since he started throwing dirty unsubstantiated allegations at his own brothers.

    In any case — neither Juvenal Habyarimana nor Laurent Kabila were not exactly saints — and they too behaved according to the same script/accusations — with one exception that their victims are buried deeper.

    Justice and truth is a double-edged sword that invariably cuts both sides of the political divide !!!!!!!!!!!


  4. None says:

    I wann be [****] clear about this i watched a video of a [***] white old dude explaining rwanda!….and the Ingabire mom claiming of realizing er stupid daughter ….they r all nonsense…i don’t mind if they say they killed 800,000 0u 1,000,000 it doesn;t remove that i lost my whole family because of them!!!So plz stop accusing Kagame for things he didn’t do he is better than all of u [***]murderers i am telling u the truth that we r reasy to die for him,because he once was ready to die for us!So plz stop screaming coz no one can’t hear u.Use white people because they r stupid but also are criminals!!we won’t love hutus because they never loved us but we also won’t kill them because we respect the president Paul.So plz Hutus stop claiming whatever u r claiming!!we hate uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu



      Hate is a sign of great weakness.I have lived to believe that you only hate those you love(There’s a thin line between love and hate).I love Kagame despite all the criticism I’m subjected to by my siblings and peer.He’s done more good than bad to Rwanda.He’s human and prone to mistakes.I only hate his hypocritical approach to issue at times but noone’s perfect.Hutu or Tutsi?I don’t care.The world has become a global village.Let’s learn to co-exist.I have lived in countries where 76 tribes co-exist.Now why do we fail to do so when we are only 3 tribes.Rwanda is not an end in itself but a means to an end.I have a Tutsi girlfriend but I’m a Hutu.I love her,not her ethnicity.Love built the U.S.A,not hate.Why is Obama not avenging slavery?Let’s not hate our brothers at the expense of our own insecurities and unsolved differences.I love all Tutsis.They’re beautiful girls,smart boys and funny


  5. I am really concerned about my President Assassination by Paul Kagame using hIs step son , Mr Hypolite Kanambe to kill the President Kabila . with the international plot of the western just to complete they ‘ re plan of Evil minded for the Balkanization or to barracked the country in conspiracy ..

    Congolese people are victims for decades and all the world wide countries Against the people of Congo but the love the country only just for the mineral resources looting ..
    Rwandan . Uganda , Burundi , Tanzania , South Africa and many others countries have price to pay in terms of the Retaliation still remind in Congolese People brains .
    Paul Kagame of Rwanda as to be incriminated and being arrested for the killing and human wright violation in the D R Congo with charges of 0ver 6 millions of killed , Atrocity , exemptions and brute acts Committed .

    we ‘ are really disappointed of the English and American ,financial help to the Rwandan Government and military training camps installed in Rwanda for the killing and massacre of the Congolese People .


  6. the world wide and the international mafia , depopulation , looting , mass murder , brute , rape , organised by the British empire and American . and the media have to turn the eyes blinded and mouths shot this is a new form or system of recolonisation , slavery and conspiracy . Congo Nation victim for decades over 20,Milions of deaths from the 1885 – 2013 , and 3 millions or rapes and atrocities committed by the Western ans their Africans Alies . Paul Kagame of Rwanda ( killer ) and Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda . are responsible of the killings .


  7. SANDE MICHEAL says:

    Efforts to establish EAC are for tutsi/hima defence & dorminance! Aim is greedy for power strategy of this somali blood in z region as some people say. This must stop at which ever cost.


  8. Pascal says:

    Nomatter what we are saying it’s only GOD who is going to juge all those killers, KAGAMI will never leave for ever, i belive that one day he will fallow our president KABILA. we all going to pay the prix no matter what. so kille what so ever you like you kagame yr tym will come like MOBUTU.


  9. bigabwamukama demas says:

    After all who is permanent?death is along or short term loan,an obligation to every one on this globe.let us brain storm economically not ethically.


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