Rwanda: Mobile phones industry ‘booming’

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The mobile phone has become indispensable worldwide. In Europe, more and more phones are connected to the Internet allowing the users to enjoy all its features. On the African continent however, mobile phones are still used as the primarily tool of communication.

Mobile phone

Mobile phone

 In Rwanda as well as elsewhere the mobile phone is primarily a communication device. In rural areas, where telecommunication infrastructures are poor, with weak media tools and basic data-processing devices, the wireless turned out to be the best option for many Rwandans, since it does not require any special facilities. People do not even need to have electricity in their homes because they can charge their phones at the malls. They may then take them even in the most remote areas, so long as the phone operator   provides an efficient network. The rural population was able to take advantage of this innovation, but it is still quite poorly informed with regard to the multiple functions of mobile phones.

In urban areas however it is s is different. Urban people experience most of modern innovations, especially in mobile communications and seek to acquire the latest technologies.  For instance, hey are now able to take advantage of economic benefits that a cell phone can offer. It makes life easier for small businesses, communication between service providers and customers, thereby varying sources of profits for operators and even creating new jobs such the case of Clarissa Iribagiza, who heads a company specializing in filling out applications for mobile phones.

In the country’s capital, sellers of second hand clothing inform their customers of new arrivals in their stores and ask their customers which items they would like most so that they can adjust purchase orders. In addition, Famous hairdressers have come to announce by phone relocation of their shops, reported “Syfia Grands Lacs”news agency.  This means that, traders are able to minimize information costs while customers benefit from an appropriate offer and/or know before hand  whether there are changes about the offer.

Major services providers such as banks are also caught in this booming industry. They send text messages to their customers informing them of payments or transfers made to or from their accounts. It is now possible to pay electricity bills by phone. Although operators are faced with new challenges, they are able to boast their sales. It is noted that mobile Internet is increasing in demand throughout African countries and that consequently, operators  increase  their overall sales.

Mobile phones offer a multitude of benefits to users and increases economic gains. The only complaint with all mobile phone customers who rely on some of these services is that they receive a lot of commercials including, sometimes, messages from unknown people.

Blaise Linayiye

Translated by Clementine Kwitonda

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