Rwanda-Belgium: Kagame’s death squads identified in Belgium

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According to evidence published by Belgian newspaper Het belang van Limburg,there is credible evidence that Rwandan killer teams are currently active in Belgium.

In an article published on August 5th, the newspaper interviewed several witnesses who claim to have received protection or serious warnings by the Belgian government following death threats from Rwandan hitmen.

Threat warnings to Rever

Judi ReverCanadian journalist Judi Rever says she received surveillance through the Belgian Ministry of State Security because her life was in danger.Rever has been researching crimes against humanity committed by the current ruling party in Rwanda, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), and has published several works in America. In july 2014,while on a working visit in Belgium and The Netherlands, Rever was officially informed that the Rwandan Embassy in Brussels posed a threat to her movements. After a threat analysis by State Security revealed serious risk, she was given a surveillance contract and was monitored by Belgian guards for her week-long stay.

A Rwandan dissident later informed Rever that Belgian services had evidence that Didier Rutembesa, a diplomat under president Kagame’s government, had spoken to individuals in Belgium about setting a trap for the journalist. Rever also claims to have received direct threats to her family in Canada after publishing her work in the Canadian magazine Foreign Policy.

Threats to Rwandans in exile

In addition to Rever, an anonymous Belgian journalist and his wife were also placed under close security following Rwandan threats.In 2014, former Rwandan Prime Minister Faustin Twagiramungu had also received police protection in Belgium for four days after serious threats from ’’a third country’’.

Earlier this month, Jambonews published a document of the Global Campaign for Rwandans’ Human Rights (GCRHR) that reveals the atrocious murders committed by the RPF since the party seized power in July 1994. Apart from mass murder, the graph also lists 129 individual victims of RPF hit squads in and outside Rwanda.

Rising awareness of killer mobs in Europe

So far, Belgian services have not reacted publicly to the allegations and officials have refused to comment to Het belang van Limburg. Paul KagameHowever, former RPF Major Robert Higiro later explained to the newspaper how he was assigned by RPF Colonel Dan Munyuza to gather a death squad to kill Colonel Patrick Karegeya and General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, two former high ranking officials in Kagame’s army who were exiled to South Africa. Higiro evaded the murder schemes and sought political asylum in Belgium. On January 1st 2014, Colonel Karegeya was found dead at a hotel in Johannesburg after being strangled. Rwandan officials denied any involvement.

However, over the past years, evidence that RPF murder squads are present in Europe has been rising. Already in 2011, two Rwandans living in the United Kingdom, René Mugenzi and Jonathan Musonera, received warnings from the national police that Kagame’s regime had sent hit men to the UK that posed a threat to their lives.  In Sweden, a Rwandan diplomat was expelled from the country in 2012 after he was discovered to have been spying on individuals from the Rwandan community.

In Belgium, the news of Kagame’s assassinators has received national media coverage and seems likely to move up on the country’s political agenda.


Jane Nishimwe

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2 Comments to “Rwanda-Belgium: Kagame’s death squads identified in Belgium”

  1. Lastking says:

    this is nonsense, the same hate articles western media used to trade around the world durring Iraq-saddam regime is same hate propaganda being told about Rwanda.
    But my question is, why western media houses doesn’t tell us how they went in bed with people who killed our brothers and sisters here in Rwanda and how the west wagewars against governments they dont like including rwanda? Belgum


  2. Kiala says:

    Keyboard commando.. carry on playing dangerous crds. Evidence are pointing to your king kagame for these atrocities. the Congo, south soudan.. he is just another useful idiot amongst those who are being used to fulfill European strategies. When are we going to learn? Everything has its end.. History will tell. O.Ju


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