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Submit an article

Did you know that you can submit an article to be published on

Did you know that, by publishing your article on our website, it will be read by thousands of readers, widely shared on social media, and possibly even quoted as a reference in research thesis, books or other websites?

What to write about

The ultimate goal of JamboNews is to use its information and analysis services to reach possible solutions for issues affecting the countries of the Great Lakes region of Africa . In this sense, we publish articles dealing with (in)justice, war crimes, crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity. Peace, democracy, freedom of expression, truth and real reconciliation are topics we also cover.

Any article on the abovementioned subject that falls within the values of JamboNews can be image_soumettresubmitted.

We will consider submissions of any length; however the suggested length is 700 words or more.

Please include your email address (Note: it will not be published) or your website and a brief description of your profile (not compulsory), so that our readers have the opportunity to know more about you, your background and your work.

We welcome articles in both English and French.

How to submit

Please send your article via email to in an attachment. [Text format word, No pdf ]

PLAGIARISM WARNING: Make sure your submission is your own work and properly referenced (preferably with URL links to your sources).

Editing process

We read all submissions as soon as we receive them and you will get a response as soon as your article has been accepted. Please note that your article may not be published straightaway once submitted. It may first be edited by JambonNews . In which case you will be informed before it is published.

We do not publish…

Any submission that JamboNews judges to be offensive, defamatory, provocative or using , hatred and/or excessive language will not be published.

Please note that, given the volume of submissions, JamboNews reserves the right to approve or reject any submission without any declarations or explanations. However, we will do our best to respond to your submissions soon as possible.

Team JamboNews


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